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Clubs & Activities

Class of 2024

Advisors: Ms. Danielle Nowak & Ms. Chrissy Bulmer

Class of 2025

Advisor: Sarah Jarvis

Class of 2026

Advisors: Gina Lindberg & Janette Lajoie

Class of 2027

Advisor: TBA

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Clubs & Organizations

Killingly High School Mission Statement

The Killingly High School community promotes Responsibility, Excellence,  and  Dedication  to  lifelong  learning  in  a  safe environment. Our student-focused approach provides relevant and challenging learning opportunities that address individual needs and foster talents.  Students will demonstrate intellectual growth and academic excellence.  We guide our students to become critical thinkers, who are contributing, respectful citizens within a diverse world.

Student Activities

Student Activities at Killingly High School aims to promote involvement  in  school  clubs  and  organizations  and  provide leadership development opportunities. We encourage the growth and development of Killingly High School students by providing opportunities for involvement, leadership, fun, and success through activities, clubs, and organizations.

Clubs and Organizations

On the following pages, you will find a list of the clubs and organizations students can join or apply to join at KHS.  The advisor’s name and contact information are below the listing of each club.  Please feel free to contact the advisor for additional membership information. Students in clubs and organizations will meet during an activity period once a month and before or after school.  The meeting times before or after school are set by the advisors.