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SAE Record Keeping

Online Recordbook Keeping (AET)

All students in our program use AET to keep records for their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE). In order for students to log in, they must use our Chapter Code, which is CT0001.  Students have been assigned a username and password in order to complete the login process.  We highly recommend that when a student goes to the AET website on their iPad, that they choose to view the "Desktop Version" of the website before logging in.  

Student Profile:  Every Ag 1 student spends time in their Ag Class setting up their profile.  Their student profile consists of mailing information, email addresses, and resume creation.  As students complete activities (sports events, join clubs, participate in FFA events, perform community service, etc.), students should come back to this page to add them.  

Creating an SAE:  When a student would like to add a new SAE project to their record book, they should use this guide to walk them through the steps.  It is important that at the completion of creating a new SAE in AET that the student has a green check mark over the pencil, indicating their plan for the SAE is complete.  Students should then print out the plan, obtain a parent signature, and bring it in to their agricultural education instructor to have them approve and sign off on the new SAE. 

Tracking Hours: This worksheet details how to track a students hours in AET.  All journal entries should be specific- how long did the student work, and exactly what they did that day relating to their project.  Students should enter their hours after they have completed them- waiting until the end of the quarter to enter all of their journal entries is unacceptable, and student may lose points on their quarter grade.  

Income and Expenses:  All students that have an entrepreneurship or improvement SAE are required to keep track of income and expenses.  This worksheet will help guide students through making these entries.  Please note that students with improvement projects do not have to show a profit.  

How is My SAE Graded?: This powerpoint will explain each of the pieces that student is graded on when it comes to their SAE.   SAE's count as 25% of each quarters grade, with the exception of Ag 1 students first quarter (they do not need to have an SAE in place until the second quarter).  

Quarterly SAE Grading Rubric: Each Quarter 25% of your students grade will be based on their SAE.  This rubric breaks down how they will receive their grade (please also refer to the 'How is My SAE Graded?' presentation.  

Link to The AET Webpage
First page of the PDF file: Howto-LogintoAETCompleteyourProfile
First page of the PDF file: Howto-CreateanSAEExperienceCompleteanSAEPlan
First page of the PDF file: Howto-MakeJournalEntriesFinancialEntriesandUploadPhotosinAET